Geraldton Wax – similar to other medicinal aromatics

Currently I have several Geraldton Wax products on trial – ointment, cream, tea, tincture and flower remedy. Its an exciting time with over 50 people using one or more of the Geraldton Wax products.

Did you know that some of the Aussie bush flowers have medicinal actions? Geraldton Wax used in my products grows right next to the lavender and rosemary here in the Swan Valley.

In my W.A garden – Lavender grows right next to the Geraldton Wax.

Trial results

Professional herbalists, business contacts, clients, friends and families in three states are giving positive feedback. Some comments this week :

  1. “it smells so beautiful. I have a lot of sun damage to my chest. It relieves the dryness. The ointment absorbs straight into the skin.” DS QLD.
  2. I love the cream, it helped my itch. Can I buy some for my friend? C. WA
  3. The tea is divine! it smells like evergreen N.E.
  4. the packaging is cute. I feel good about using it. KS. NSW


The ingredients in TLC include locally sourced EVOO, bees wax, and wildcrafted raw product like marshmallow. the cream is vegan friendly using vegetable wax and hydrosol. The packaging is thoughtful and delightful, easy to use and store, with an emphasis on less is best.