Poet skin care

Thankyou for the valuable feedback during the R & D of Poet skin care, it was really validating. Particular attention has been paid to the packaging, however the V cream needed to go into glass. Poet skin care products, TLC Geraldton wax healing balm and V Soothing cream are made in smaller batches to retain freshness. Both products are useful for dryness, chaffing and rashes anywhere on the body, so use small amounts often for best results. Questions?

Geraldton Wax

Yes, it has stopped flowering but! this years bumper harvest from Harris Organic Wines meant plenty of flowers and leaves are macerating in olive oil. Tinctures extracted and stored in ethanol, and yet others distilled into a hydrosol to ensure product availability.

TLC Healing balm

TLC is a blend of locally sourced Geraldton Wax, infused in olive oil and Swan valley bees wax. The addition of Calendula, castor and hypericum oil make this balm useful for cuts, abrasions, sun damaged skin. Softens keratosis, eases chaffing and burns. Beautiful as a lip balm and is gentle enough for ALL areas of the body. Contact me at with any questions.

TLC Skin care routine

Use daily as a moisturiser, the Swan Valley bees wax protects the skin while the medicinal actions of Geraldton Wax, Calendula and hypericum oil works its magic. Apply a small amount of TLC Healing balm to clean skin from the d`ecolletage up neck and face. Use as often as you need. It alleviates dryness and patchy skin. Use your normal makeup routine. Doubles as a LEAVE IN hair conditioner, no more costly plastic bottles.

V Soothing cream

V cream is Geraldton Wax, marshmallow and chamomile infusions in a vegetable wax. No animal products and mindful packaging is used. The addition of 1% Chamomile essential oil and .1% benzoate (a natural food preservative) helps to maintain freshness. Best kept in a cool spot, and recommended shelf life is 4 weeks. Use on rashes, blisters, dryness. Reported to be useful for herpes and candida. If redness or irritation occurs, cease use and contact

V Skin care routine

V skin care routine is the same TLC and is a soothing moisturiser on your sensitive areas. Use a small amount, and add more as needed. Useful as a substitute for a WASH OUT hair conditioner.