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Earth Medicine

Earth Medicine uses the healing properties found in nature and the energies and frequencies of the earth to alleviate suffering. Used for thousands of years, the roots, leaf, bark and flowers have assisted in maintaining the well being of the planet and are documented in . Sacred spaces, words, morphology and colour are documented . 

What is  a Herbal medicine consultation? 

You might ask what is Herbal Medicine? Also known as phytotherapy, it is a healing modality where remedies are predominantly made from different parts of plants. A qualified herbalist has spent years studying herb lore, current and traditional research before graduating.  Always use a qualified, registered and insured natural therapist.  After your herbal medicine consultation, a personalised combination of plants, herbs, essential oils and flower essences is created and a small dose prescribed.    

Geraldton Wax - Chamelaucium uncinatum

Geraldton Wax is one of Australia’s most significant cut wildflower exports due to its beauty, longevity. Major compounds have been identified as a-pinene, citronellal, limonene, linalool and a-terpinyl acetate already known to have antifungal, antiseptic, antibacterial, anti inflammatory properties. After significant research, trials and documentation on Geraldton Wax, Poet Natural Therapies has created a unique blend of traditional healing herbs and processes to support the healing properties of this Western Australian native.  

     TLC healing balm -

made from only Geraldton Wax, olive, Calendula & castor oils, glycerine, lemon and hypericum oils set in bees wax. TLC is a natural ointment made by Poet Natural Therapies from safe, locally sourced W.A. raw ingredients with the intention of providing a safe, sustainable addition to the medicine chest.  Useful for cuts/ abrasions, herpes simplex, rashes. for any areas of dryness. soothes bites.  Beard rash and leave in hair conditioner. Contact Poet Natural Therapies with any questions 

    V cream -

a plant based cream made from only Geraldton Wax hydrosol, olive oil, chamomile and marshmallow tincture set in a vegetable wax (0.1% benzoate food preserver is added). Specific for softer areas of the body, useful for candida, herpes, rash and chaffing, cuts, abrasions. "Custom made to order" to ensure optimum freshness 

Is Herbal Medicine safe?

 People, animals, insects, plants can all benefit from using herbal medicine. Herbs can interact with prescription and non prescription medication and exacerbate existing health conditions. There is a lot of product information on the internet. 

If you are at all concerned or have any discomfort or have questions, cease the remedy and contact your natural therapies health professional. Always use a qualified, registered and insured health professional. 


The Psychology of Flower Essences - Part 1 and Part 2

Join Toni Lorraine and into the morphology, energy and life affirming power of the flower in The Psychology of Flower Essences.  Using full colour slides, see flowers in their highest aspect, doctrine of the signatures.  Local and international flower essences are studied and discussed. 

Auto Centrics - presented by Ted Heaton 

Ted Heaton has been teaching arcane knowledge and personal development since the 1970's.  After studies in several areas led to the granting of a Diploma in Esoteric Sciences in 1975, Ted Heaton received the doctorate of Esoteric Psychology in 1995.  Principal of the Australian College of Esoteric Sciences and Gracegrove College for 12 years, Ted   busied himself in research over next 20 years.  If you have been a student of Ted's in the past, you may wish to rejoin him in this interesting exploration of his life's work. 

Part 1  The Creator- from Gollum to Galatea.  "I am the master of my fate"

Part 2   The Creator- from Gollum to Galatea  "I am the Captain of my Soul"



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