Geraldton Wax in R & D


The Geraldton wax products are currently being trialled. Ointment, cream, tinctures and flower essences. Scientific analysis of the Geraldton Wax show high levels of essential oils which have antibacterial, antifungal, vasodilating, analgaesic and anti inflammatory properties.


My signature product “TLC” contains locally produced WA organic olive oil and Swan Valley bees wax, sustainably source Geraldton Wax and a blend of medicinal Australian made oils. Early trials are showing that the golden balm soothes scratches, ulcers, keratosis warts on any part of the skin. It softens and heals chapped lips and I use it as a face moisturiser and hair conditioner! Sun damaged skin on neck, face and hands feels relieved.

And, it makes a lovely tasting tea, too! Pick the leaves straight off the tree, place in a strainer teapot and pour on boiling water. The release of the essential oils clears the head gently, like a walk in the bush.

The Tincture of Geraldton Wax is sweet and impressive. Leaves and flowers are steeped in certified organic ethanol to extract the active ingredients. It tastes lemony with a sweet bush aftertaste which is delightful. However, the tincture is available to registered practitioners only.

A Vegan Geraldton Wax product has also been successfully trialled as a cream. As the preservative action is less and storage is important, I can manufacture 500ml/gm batches to individuals as required.

Eco Friendly

Focus on sustainability is important to me. No plastic or glass is used. The packaged product is in a light, easy to access tin protected by a purpose made fabric bag, saving space and freight cost.