Study of eyes

Iridology is the study of eyes and sclera. Using iridology assists the trained herbal medicine practitioner to create a course of treatment based on your unique blueprint.

What iridology can reveal?

The iris and sclera can indicate your past present and future health patterns. The colours and marks in your iris can reveal existing and inherited strengths and weaknesses.

Iridology can indicate many areas of concern such as a weakened nervous system, a congested liver, or poor circulation. The treatment is then based on promoting the individual’s strength and supporting weaknesses.

As a medical herbalist, by reading irises it enhances the treatment decided on when taking a clients case history.

Your personal genetic map

The iris structure is so unique it is now being used for security identification at ATM machines and airports. The iris is also an indicator of a persons all over health.

We are a product of our ancestors. Ancestral traits can recur generations after seemingly being lost. Herbal medicine can support our body to heal presenting physical as well as genetic weaknesses.

Biodiversity is not static

Three years ago I planted a yellow flowering Nasturtium. Two years ago an orange flower appeared. This year more flowers were orange. The plant is reverting to its original blue print (or should I say orange?).

Iridology is the study of eyes. We are constantly changing. Examining the eyes, patterns and colours can assist the practitioner to return you to a better version of yourself. Call Poet Natural Therapies for an appointment.